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Vida Sana

(514) 903-8432
We want everyone to be able to lead an active and healthy lifestyle with their kids. We also offer a great space for birthday parties for your children with 5000 square feet of BIRTHDAY PARTY SPACE! We offer severals different fitness classes for parents and allow them to bring their kids. We also have some kids classes, including dance, introduction to sports and Jiu-Jitsu.

Vida Sana translates to sane living. This is what we try to accomplish. We offer services to everyone in hopes of creating a healthy balance between staying fit and having fun. We dedicated more than half of our space to children due in part because we feel there are not enough places that allow for parents to train and bring their children. We offer an environment where kids can have fun with an animator and still be able to see their parents at all times while they are training. Our end goal is for everyone to be active and lead a healthy lifestyle, whether you’re pregnant, with a newborn, a child, a parent or just looking to stay in shape. We offer a variety of classes for every age group.