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5 Great Bets At The Just For Laughs Fest

Crédit photo : Broad City's Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson
5 Great Bets At The Just For Laughs Fest
This year’s Just For Laughs line-up is bound to have you doubled over and busting a gut and totally in stitches. You'll laugh your ass off. Hell, you will probably die laughing. (WARNING: Nightlife.ca is not responsible for any harm, death and/or psychological damage incurred while attending the Just For Laughs Festival.) Here are your five best bets for the fest.  
1. TALK OF THE FEST with Broad City
(July 22)
Have you seen Broad City? If you haven’t, you must. What started out as a hilarious web series by Upright Citizen Brigade alumni Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson has now morphed into an outrageously slacktastic show on TV’s Comedy Central (produced by Amy Poehler, no less). You can be certain this comedy duo will crush it at JFL.
2. Ron Funches
(July 24)

According to my in-depth research (I read one article), lovable comedian Ron Funches had the best week of his life last year, here in Montreal. Not only did he open for Dave Chappelle at JFL and get to see his friends kill it in the clubs, but he also had a romantic encounter with  a beautiful French-Canadian girl on a rooftop! I am convinced it is primarily because of you, mysterious Mlle Quebecoise, that Funches is now running back at top speed to perform a solo show at the festival. And for that I say, “merci”.
3. Lewis Black in “The Rant Is Due”
(July 24)

It is my fervent belief that one of these days, Lewis Black will explode. Physically. All over everything. Whether it’ll be during one of his brilliant, angry tirades on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, or on stage at JFL, I cannot say. But it will happen, mark my words. Just pray you aren’t in the first row this year if and when it occurs (though what a story to tell the grandkids, huh?)
4. TALK OF THE FEST with Nick Offerman
(July 25)
Nick Offerman is the ultimate Renaissance man: wood worker, guitar maestro, accidental bear. He is also husband to comedienne extraordinaire Megan Mullally, and together they give the best off-the-cuff press interviews known to humankind. Go see Offerman shed his Ron Swanson Parks and Rec personae and tread the boards lightly (well, as lightly as a bear can) at his Talk of the Fest show.
5. Brit-ish hosted by Noel Fielding
(July 22)

Take a journey through time and space and watch psychedelic comedian Noel Fielding (of BBC’s Mighty Boosh fame) welcome his fellow Brit comics to the JFL stage. This is sure to be one crazy, fun, tripped out night spent with a bunch of sharp-witted comedians and a poncy man gamboling about in tight trousers. I can’t think of a better way to spend a summer’s eve, can you?

2014 Just for Laughs Festival
July 12 to July 31 | hahaha.com