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Critiques CD: AroarA | In The Pines

AroarA is the musical meeting of Broken Social Scene/Apostle of Hustle member Andrew Whiteman and his partner in sound and life, the enchanting Ariel Engle, familiar to most Montrealers through her stunning vocal work with one-time resident Sam Shalabi and his out-there Land of Kush big band projects. «In The Pines» is the duo’s first record, a lovely stroll through minimal pop, loose rock, and world bits (West Africa meets Middle East vibes) based largely around the pair’s guitars and keyboards. The music soothes and causes reflection, upon life and love, but it’s Engle’s voice that steals the show here for sure. If you heard her in Kush you know what I’m talking about. She has a way to command a room like few vocalists do. If you’re hearing her for the first time, be prepared.


Jeudi 1er août | 20h
PHI Centre
Jeudi 8 août | 12h
Place Émilie-Gamelin