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Critiques CD: Statue Park | Shackleton 7"

Recently once thought dead, Statue Park have been resurrected by co-founders Toby Cayouette and Jon Hill – the former laying down his Chinatown torch that's been burning bright the last few years – and their Shackleton 7inch is the proof in the pudding. The two tracks here offer us a tasty taste of the band's debut record – is it really their first? The band's been scuttling these parts for near a decade – what's sure to be a brimming album full of big shiny tunes. Cayouette's mellow-tone croon is easy on the ears as he leads the four piece through gorgeous four-minute classic indie alternative pop tracks: concise, sparse, subtle and well constructed. The guitar pickings and rhythms intertwine with a bass and drums section that lays off the pedal, preferring the groove to the power while synths, keyboards and samples float hazily in the background. November 8th at Il Motore.