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Pantha du Prince brings his atypical techno stylings back to Montreal

Few techno producers manage to create music that’s as engaging on the dancefloor as it is through headphones, Pantha du Prince is one of them. The sophisticated, romantic microhouse of German producer Pantha du Prince (a.k.a. Hendrik Weber) exists in its own beautiful sonic world tinged with an ethereal, at times almost postrock, sensibility.

Weber, who played bass for Stella before releasing Nowhere in 2002, his first single as Pantha du Prince on German label Dial, shares a penchant for melancholy that’s led to comparisons to shoegaze and bands like The Cure by critics. His third album, Black Noise on Rough Trade, which featured vocal contributions by Animal Collective’s Noah Lennox (Panda Bear) and LCD Soundsystem’s Tyler Pope, further shifted territory and bended genres into shapes that only Pantha du Prince could create.

However, anyone who’s seen Pantha du Prince live knows that what he rocks is most definitely techno and built for the dancefloor. Since his first Montreal performance at Mutek in 2007, Pantha du Prince has played here almost annually, enchanting audiences with sets of techno that swell and break upon the dancefloor in waves of sonic bliss and irresistible beats.

While Pantha du Prince does have a new album—a collaboration with Bell Laboratory called Elements of Light—slated for release in January 2013, he’ll be playing songs from 2010’s gorgeous Black Noise on this tour. Black Noise is just as enchanting now as when first released, so don’t miss the opportunity to bath in the timeless glow of Pantha du Prince’s exquisitely beautiful and intensely musical universe.

Pantha du Prince 
October 23rd | SAT (Société des arts technologiques)
1201, St. Laurent
with Jordan Dare