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Bonobo monkeys with the mix at SAT

Bonobo lands in Montreal on the heels of the release of Black Sands Remixed on Ninja Tune, which takes tracks from his beautifully crafted downtempo 2010 release and gives them a new spin.

The UK based musician and producer is known for his musicianship and masterful use of real instrumentation to create jazz inflected trip-hop and house that steps beyond sampling, and Black Sands was a sophisticated distillation and logical progression from his previous releases.

Where other artists often latch onto the latest trend to refresh their sound, Bonobo dives deeper into his own creativity to create more complex, rich and mature evolutions of the gentle, orchestral and jazz inflected dance and chill out music that’s earned him the respect of critics and his peers (and 16 million plays on LastFM).

Bonobo’s dancefloor-oriented DJ sets also go one step further—he digs deep into his crates to find interesting music that reflects his deep affection for delicate percussion, flowing grooves, deep beats and evocative melodies, which he then mixes up with refreshed versions of his own tracks. House, hip-hop, broken beats, Latin, funk and soul, and the odd bit of psyche rock and d&b sometimes make it into his leftfield, but groovalicious, sets.

Layered journeys into sound and rhythm that refuse to stay purely in one genre, his sets are deeply soulful and full of euphoric and house tinged (think Body & Soul and Francois K) grooves. Masterful buildups, breakdowns and just the right amount of knob twiddling and sonic experimentation are used purely to serve the dancefloor.

Bonobo never needs to get bombastic or hit you over the head with beats because he digs deep into the heart of dance music and seduces your body into moving by creating some of the most beautiful, soulful grooves around.

August 25 | SAT (Société des arts technologiques)
1201, St. Laurent
with Poirier, Ghostbeard and Construct