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New home deco haven VdeV Maison has it all — vintage, industrial, French and country!

Whenever I hear that a store has something for everyone, I tend to roll my eyes. Not physically, mind you, as I’d rather not offend the person I’m conversing with, but mentally. I mentally end up rolling my eyes. Though I’m sure my friend (/acquaintance/accountant/acupuncturist) is just trying to help by passing on their favourite place to purchase a wedding gift, birthday present, or housewarming tchotchke, in no way could the store they are referring to have something for virtually every taste.

Unless they are referring to VdeV Maison. Then perhaps, I might believe them.

Photos: Donald Robitaille

“It's hard to define the store's style since it mixes many different influences. I would say that it's a vintage and industrial look. But it's important for me to keep a balance and bring other influences in like French or country.”

To say that owner Fanny Vergnolle de Villers comes by her sense of style naturally is to speak in understatements. A Quebec design and decor Brahmin, Vergnolle de Villers descends from the fine familial line that gave this province the ZONE Maison chain of home deco stores. Vergnolle de Villers is quick to point out, however, that the boutique on St. Laurent is its own thing.

“ZONE and VdeV are two different companies. This being said, we are business partners... mainly because ZONE's owner is my mother! With VdeV, we really wanted to do something different, to reach another type of audience. The price range is pretty much the same for both stores since it's important for us both to carry affordable accents and furniture.”

Whether you are looking for a stripped-down set of wooden drawers, crisp bed linens or a bear in a teacup (just trust me on this one), VdeV is the store to beat. There is so much to see and touch and kvell over in this place, it is hard to know where to begin. May I suggest the forest-dweller dinnerware, a fabulous British import? Or the fantastic selection of Edison light bulbs and fixtures, hanging here and there and overhead? What about a shot glass, shot through with a glass gun?

Too much?

Never, at VdeV.

VdeV Maison
5042 St. Laurent