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Nicki Minaj’s wigs in 2011: a retrospective

Oh, Nicki, Nicki, Nicki. Nobody wears a wig the way Minaj does, thanks to her stylist Terrence Davidson who creates her chefs-d’oeuvre by hand. The singer surprised us many times this year with bursting colorful looks that would make your grandma blush. Here’s what 2011 looked like, from a Barbie's perspective.

Nicki started 2011 on a high note, with this amazing editorial shoot for V magazine, pairing a green Versace dress with tribal face paint. “I would crumple up and die if I had to wake up and be the same person every day. I don’t silence those voices anymore. I just let them speak,” Minaj says. #Word

Credit: V Magazine

The Young Money girl shows up with a head-to-toe leopard look at the 53rd Grammy Awards. Her hairstylist apparently hand painted the designs on the wig to match the Givenchy dress pattern. #Ballin’ 

Credit: mypinkfriday.com

The rapper goes green at Christie’s for the Green Auction: A Bid to Save the Earth event. Inspired by Marge Simpson, maybe? In this case, the result appears more like a huge asparagus on top of the woman’s head. #JustSayin’

Credit: mypinkfriday.com

Spotted in New York: a simple, yet ingenious, gangstress look.

Credit: Unknown

Nicki quits the ‘fro and goes back to her conventional Barbie look at the Billboard Music Awards. #Amen #PinkFriday

Credit: mypinkfriday.com

#Candylicious (Is there anything else to say?!) 

Credit: Glamour.com

Minaj’s cousin gets murdered in Brooklyn. #RIP

Credit: Unknown 

Nicki Minaj brings Barbie-girl flair to "Super Bass" with a cubist and mirrored gown, purple tutu, fuzzy slippers and cartoon-emblazoned face mask at the MTV Video Music Awards.

Credit: mypinkfirday.com

Fashion week is on! Minaj attends a couple of events with a diversity of eccentric looks. Our pick: her Catwoman look for Oscar De La Renta. Simple yet very chic. #Fierce

Credit: mypinkfirday.com

Minaj wears a Siren-esque look at the American Music Awards press conference. She announced the nominees with Pitbull, who got was caught sneaking a peek at her bountiful bosom. #Casual #Very

Credit: worldstarhiphop.com

It’s a fern, a salad, a palm tree? Noooo, it's Nicky Minaj attending Donatella Versace’s launch for her new collaboration with H&M, mostly made of tropical prints. #IWillPassMyTurn

Credit: glamourparis.com

Scandal! Images of Nicki Minaj wearing dreadlocks appear online. We later discover that it is for a video shoot where she embodies a female version of Lil’ Wayne.  #Y.U Mad #TeamWeezy

Credit: MTV