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Nous sommes les filles.com: talented female artists getting their weekly due


Rising through the ranks of the art world as a female creator can be a doubly-difficult task. Just to get ground-up recognition in the arts is an uphill battle to begin with, but for women artists in many fields, the climb is even steeper. For in fact, no matter how modern we consider our society to be, they still too often face the basic problem of underrepresentation. To counter that fact, photographer Julie Artacho and actress Sarianne Cormier have just set up a promotional art website entitled Nous Sommes Les Filles.com.

Nous Sommes Les Filles introduces two new, up-and-coming female artists each week alongside a biopic and links to their works. From filmmakers and painters to dancers and singers, the site will post two portraits of local, XX talent each week until it reaches the triple digit mark. As it stands, the page is set for its first two features on the 10th of this month. 

Among some of the more recognizable women already in store for bios are filmmaker Anne Emond, actress Sophie Desmarais, and singer-songwriter Katie Moore—and there’s 97 more where that came from. So check in each week at your leisure and share the link to put a little well-deserved spotlight on this girls-only club of rising talent.

Launch of the website | Wednesday, August 10