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Blog of the week: An online 'Triangulation' of incredible, cool and contemporary art

Now that our still green chronique has already chronicled the likes of big jazz cats, celebrities and one adventurous, Waldo-ian Canadian, let us dive into the rapidly growing sphere of online art. Sure, everyone talks about music, movies and literature being found more and more on the interweb, but gallery-worthy art? You betcha.

In fact, whether you’re a stressed-out curator or just a perusing layman, you should be aware that this online movement—like so many others—is sprouting some hugely creative legs. Many of the negatives of art blogs or online galleries—free dissemination, limits on sense of depth and scale on the screen—are being increasingly outweighed by the positives—interactivity, ease on the artist’s finances and worldwide accessibility. So on the top of our game, as always, we present you with Triangulation.

Triangulation, as is often the case with these things, is the clever work of one online collector. Started just in January of last year, blogger Emilio Gomariz (the only accredited creator) has since separated himself from the rest of the blogging sea of art collectors with wads of simple good taste. Not to mention, he’s more than up-to-date. Practically every day, you’ll find the fresh new work of an up-and-coming photographer from Austin or a handful of dark and clever GIFs out of the UK. You could easily spend days just surfing the vat of cutting-edge video art posted on the blog, possibly weeks if you follow each post down the rabbit hole and into the many individual web-galleries.

Michael Cina

United by nothing but creative smarts and a loose triple-theme of “abstract, experimental and contemporary art,” the many pieces might even link you to a local artist or two. For one, we were connected with the digital painting talents of Montrealer Tyson Parks. His savvy work sits side by side with some pure video beauty from Londoner Marc Silver and the colourful interactivity of Athens’ Angelo Plessas. All in all, this brilliant art collection may just be the wave of the future for an art world that’s bursting at the seams of every continent.

Anyways, that’s enough about our online future. For now, all you should be doing is clicking on the link below and heading into some very cool and contemporary territory.