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Cirque du Soleil & Safewalls' Pop Up Shop: international street artists and their limited edition prints are up for grabs

The city’s busy Old Port just got even more alluring this weekend. Aside from your last chance to spy on some free Montréal Complètement Cirque shows in the sun or listen to the curious sounds coming from Cirque du Soleil’s bright blue and yellow Chapiteau for its ongoing TOTEM show, Safewalls — the artistic side-project of our dear troupe — is putting on a show of its own.

This Saturday night, Safewalls is setting up a one-time-only print ‘Pop-up Shop’ inside the Tapis Rouge. That means that, just for the night, you can sneak a peak at some of the highly creative and colorful works of featured printmakers who’ve been inspired to creation by a Cirque show. At each stop on its tour, the famous troupe paired up with a talented artist to produce one eye-poppingly bizarre and beautiful piece. So now that they’ve come back home, these handmade prints will be on sale for the very first time.

To add to the rarity of the event, a handful of the prints have been given the ‘deluxe’ distinction, certifying limited availability and the artist’s signature to boot. Included in that group are fresh-off-the screen pieces by international creators Tara McPherson, Travis Louie and even the famously subversive Ron English

In other ongoing artistic news, the Carney-muse continues to inspire local collective, En Masse, as they add to their massive wall mural also located under the Tapis Rouge. You’ve got until July 31st to catch site of their creative retelling of mankind’s rise from the primordial soup inspired yet again by Cirque’s evolutionary show, TOTEM. But why not just double your circus-art dose and check them both out on Saturday? Sounds pretty healthy to me.

Pop Up Show at the Old Port
Corner of de la Commune St. and St-Laurent Blvd.
July 23rd from 8 to 11 p.m.