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Motion's 3-year anniversary: Shake your rump to the Daomé funk!

Once every month for the past three years, Motion has taken over Saturday night at Salon Daomé and delivered their house-crazed audience the rump-shakin' tunes they demand. This Saturday marks no exception to that rule—only the party will run in specific celebration of the monthly’s third anniversary of bass-fueled existence. As such, the DJ pair of ROUX Soundsystem, aka Clifford Brown and Marinelli, will be in total command of the floor all night long (as his weekly NIGHTLIFE column goes). So expect a good crowd of Motion-ers and other house enthusiasts doing some well-deserved merrymaking on the floor.

In its three-year-young history, Motion at Daomé has hosted the DJing likes of Efdemin, Jeff Samuel, Tiger Stripes, and Coyu—just to name a few. But it’s only fitting that local favourites ROUX be the ones to turn the page on another year in the swanky space. Their five-hour set starts at ten and promises to keep the beat and sweat going well into the wee hours. In related news, the DJ duo has taken the opportunity to launch their new website so check that link below alongside the event’s. In sum, the set-up is there for an excellent anniversary party and yet another Saturday night of classic house music to dance the night away


Motion 3rd Anniversary at Salon Daomé | July 16
141 Mont Royal East | lesalondaome.com | lesroux.ca