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Urban design contest: Plans for a new, revamped Namur-Jean-Talon West

The Namur-Jean-Talon West area of CDN-NDG stands as the object of competitive design and revitalization plans this summer. Already free from its somewhat clunky name after being officially rebranded Le Triangle, the neighborhood is in need of a similar liberation from its clunky infrastructure and pedestrian-unfriendly paths. So the city of Montréal, designated UNESCO City of Design that it is, has pulled together a jury of urban architects and developers to judge incoming project plans from across Canada and pick one winning design to be implemented beginning in September.

At the moment, the competition has been narrowed down to the plans of four different agencies. No matter which group makes the final cut, all the designs will aim to bring a new identity to this in-between area with ‘green’ public spaces, bike paths, and newer, prettier housing units. Le Triangle (getting the word out there) has always had the benefit of a fine location in the city and by the metro (Namur and De la Savane stops), but seemed the constant victim of asphalt lots and generally drab city planning. Now, the hope is that the neighborhood will serve as a colourful home and business area for more and more Montrealers once revitalization has taken root.

The competition’s main focus lies in the reworking and re-vegetation of public spaces and roads, but a purported ‘Idea’ portion of each agency’s proposal also must include future concepts for expansion into private areas of the urban neighbourhood. So really, it’s looking like a very bright, green future is in the store for the newly minted Le Triangle.


Namur-Jean-Talon West Urban Design Competition | Summer 2011