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Ste-Cunégonde Drinkery: It's 'Mad Men' minus the drama at this St-Henri watering hole

The newest (and certainly the most transparently named) watering hole in the up and coming Saint-Henri neighbourhood, this no frills tavern is a much appreciated hangout for regulars and an easygoing joint for newcomers. With mid-century décor, a solid scotch list and a throwback ambience, Drinkery will have you feeling like a character on Mad Men in no time.

But make no mistake; this cozy joint is anything but gimmicky. A simple and easy going spot to pop in for some rounds with friends, the clientele is mostly made up of thirty-something young professionals bobbing their heads to a solid playlist of upbeat hip-hop instrumentals and bar-ideal drum and bass.

At 7 or 8 bucks a pint (6 during happy hour), a wine list with an impressive range and a standard selection of liquor to back it all up, there’s something for everyone – including the Ste-Cunégonde house brew, a welcome alternative to the same old names.

For those who won’t drink on an empty stomach, the humble kitchen serves up finger foods like cheese platters and pheasant-mango terrine, as well as heftier sandwiches – smoked meat, of course, being the obvious Montreal bar food of choice, even at a seemingly steep $12. The bottom line? A no fuss “drinkery” with a vintage style and a decidedly local feel worthy of at least a few drinks among friends.

Ste-Cunégonde Drinkery
2661, Notre-Dame W. | Lionel-Groulx Metro | drinkery.ca