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Jane: thick crust, hearty toppings and good flavours at this Griffintown pizza joint

Comfortably ensconced on a leather banquette at Jane, sipping on a dark and stormy (homemade ginger beer, dark rum and a slice of lime), a sense of deep satisfaction swept over me. Perhaps it was the Arcade Fire sound-alike trickling out of the speakers? Or the very stylish decor, accentuated by chalkboard menus listing truly enticing edibles (as well as fresh juice cocktails and wines aplenty)? Or the friendly, knowledgeable waitress? Upon further consideration, maybe it was just those magnificent pizza pies.

Devoured by yours truly: a taco pizza, which featured ground beef, salsa, guacamole, sour cream, cheddar and fresh cilantro. While the toppings were utterly delicious (and this despite my conservative pizza tendencies), let’s talk crust for a bit. Controversially, I’ve always been a thick crust person, and so was delighted to see pillowy pizzas emerge from the kitchen, and still more delighted to bite into a thick, hearty mouthful of dough and topping. Haters can stay in Little Italy – we’ll have none of your purist snobbery here.

The only downside of these abundant, innovative and oh so tasty pizzas is that a third of the way through the pie I was full. For the greater good I bailed and moved on to dessert, where I encountered a brownie bread pudding to die for – I wanted to cry for not finishing it. Go there planning to share a pizza pie with another person and get some appetizers or desserts, or maybe just another dark and stormy.


1744, Notre-Dame West | Georges Vanier Metro