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Epic Meal Time: West Island's own YouTube sensation is not for the faint of heart

Week after week, the daring stomachs and twisted imaginations of West Island’s own Epic Meal Time awe us with web cooking videos that simultaneously make us want to puke AND binge on the bacon. NIGHTLIFE spoke with Harley Morenstein, the big bearded guy who manages to maintain the best poker face while saying, “Next week, we eat Cabbage Patch Kids.”


You guys seem to have a lot of knowledge about cooking. Is there a chef on your team?
No, we like to keep it stupid. We come up with an idea, then we have a Google session where we find out how to do lots of the things we’re doing. Very often we’re attempting things that haven’t been done before, so we have to figure it out ourselves and test it.


Who are those chicks in the videos?
They’re our friends. A lot of people watch our videos and they’re like, “How do you get these girls, how do girls eat so much?” I guess a lot of people don’t know Canadian girls.


Was there a time where you shot an epic meal and were like, “Ok, we went too far on this one”?
We’ve never been sick from the food. For Christmas when we did the Slaughterhouse Special, where we filled a meat house with cheese, we all went to the movie theatre afterwards. We stunk like shit, we watched the movie and it was funny because we all got the meat sweats. So we were all sitting there in theatre, trying to watch this movie and it felt like there was food all the way up to the back of our throats. We were just so slow and sluggish and sweating meat. But we usually go into a food coma for about 20 hours after an epic meal.


Is it true that Epic Meal Time now has a deal with an American channel?
That’s not true. Whoever said that is a liar. We went to the States and we pitched to multiple networks but we’re waiting to hear back.


What is your favourite healthy food?
I guess I’d have to say hamburgers.


Isn’t there something really granola or vegetarian that you like?
I like ketchup.


Epic Meal Time
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