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Partly Excavated: Séripop and friends launch a four-pronged attack on eyes and ears at the Belgo Building

Since 2003, Montrealers Yannick Desranleau and Chloe Lum have been guitar reverberating and shrilly shrieking their way into the hearts of many (and garnering utter confusion from a whole lot more) with their experimental noise-rock project AIDS Wolf. As screen-print and design duo Séripop, their bold and colourful off-the-cuff style has been a bit quieter, but its impact is anything but muted. After years of making a name for themselves in the design world, with cover art and band posters, they’ve upgraded to exhibitions.

With a recent show at the Kunsthalle Wien called “Street and studio: Basquiat to Séripop,”  the duo’s brazen, cryptic and figurative posters and 3D installations have even been likened to their fellow outcast turned poster child of 80s counterculture. Invited to bring their gallery art to the streets of Chicago and their street art to the gallery at this summer’s Quebec Symposium at Baie-Saint-Paul, these pioneers of primitive expression are bringing their cross-medium creative exploits to new levels and volumes.

Returning to their Mile End studio from overseas and cross-border sojourns into sound and sight and recently becoming the subjects of a much deserved write-up in Canadian art revue ETC, Desranleau and Lum have brought some friends along for the ride. Their upcoming exhibition, kicked off of course with a musical bang, is a collaborative effort with the self-professed mini orchestral melange of Iowa City natives and fellow music-art crossover performers Shawn Reed & Ryan Garbes. These equally in-your-face electro-noise rockers and screen-printers will join AIDS Wolf on the stage, as Wet Hair, and Séripop on the gallery walls as alternative illustrators Reed and Garbes.


Partly Excavated
Opening April 1 at 5:30 pm
AIDS Wolf & Wet Hair at 9 p.m. 
ARPRIM | 372, Sainte-Catherine W., #426 (The Belgo Building)
Show runs through May 7
seripop.com | myspace.com/wethairgoldsounds | arprim.org