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Young Artist of the Week: François Lalumière, Mr. Duct Tape

François Lalumière
is a pretty eclectic guy. But one thing seems to draw nearly all of his creative work together: duct tape. When he’s not channelling his inner shaman in primitive street performances or staging graffiti-style “urban interventions” to decorate lampposts and trashcans in the name of the environment, this design-savvy Granby native exhibits work throughout the city. Working with local artists like Emmanuel Galland and fashion designers like Denis Gagnon and stylist Azamit, as well as lending his colourful geometric designs to boutiques like U & I, the Concordia fine arts student uses his simple but bold work to open minds to the open-ended possibilities of artistic expression.


My favourite object:
My iPod because my three years of documentation are stuck in it.

My current obsession:

My favourite place:
In the heat of your heart

Can everyone make art?
Yes, but people are just not aware of it.


François Lalumière, Compost, from Enter the Foam - Art Matters 2011


What is art?
An infinite gesture with no border.

Street art: art world countercurrent or clichéd sell out?
A risky business.

Most overrated artist:
Lady Gaga


François Lalumière, From Urban Intervention Series, Montreal, 2009


Most underrated artist:
Marie-Claude Bouthillier | marieclaudebouthillier.org

One day with a historical figure: who do you choose and what do you do?
Hiawatha, leader and founder of the Iroquois confederacy, for a rite of passage.

Can art go too far?
Yes, when it becomes overpriced.

Best place to see art in Montreal:
Corner Sherbrooke and Parc Lafontaine : “Neuf couleurs au vent”, installation, Daniel Buren | sigap.net/mag-fr/?num=4566&


François Lalumière, Plumes/Feathers 1 and 2, Paris, 2010


My strength:
My intuition

Something not to take for granted:

Art school: wise investment or waste of time and money?
It’s a gamble. Investment in a large governmental debt with no job guaranteed...

Montreal is:
So sexy in Summertime


François Lalumière, Mask, Paris, 2010


Best new trend in art:
Trends are for followers.

My biggest inspiration:

(My) life is:
A work in progress.

Art has the power to:
Be everywhere at the same time.

Words to live by:
"Burn brighter flame."


François Lalumière, From Urban Intervention Series, Casgrain/Saint-Viateur, Montreal, 2010


François Lalumière on: flickr
Contact: francoislalumiere@yahoo.ca