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Trustfund: new Belmont monthly showcases Montreal's turntable talent

Gone are the days of Justin Adler (aka Fox News)’s residency at Blue Dog Motel co-hosting the ever popular Sextape Fridays. But February 11th marks the dance-inspiring return of the local DJ’s newest party series – Trustfund, a monthly at Le Belmont.

With a focus on local talent and envisioned as a platform to give hometown favourites exposure in a big venue without a lot of pretension, Trustfund promises the universal appeal of bass-heavy beats, booze and good times for all. Beloved Saintwoods duo Love Thy Brother – about to drop a new mixtape, Dooze Jackers (Kannibalen/Top Billin') and Wilcox & Promise (from Silverdoor) join Fox News (Adler) this Friday night to kick things off right.  

Here’s what Adler had to say about the new event via e-mail:


What made you decide to focus on local talent?
Well the party is being put together by myself and the 3D Crew, which is this new group of people I'm working with. We've all been around the party scene in Montreal for a while so we've gotten to know lots local producers and DJs doing interesting things right now and we wanted to give them a new platform to showcase themselves.

What type of crowd are these events targeted at?
Aside from showcasing local talent, Trustfund is also about bringing different crowds together. Our first party this Friday has big name DJs Love Thy Brother and Dooze Jackers who play big events at Metropolis and SAT alongside Fox News who plays at Blue Dog, Blizzarts and Korova, as well as Wilcox & Promise who are Mile Enders that came up playing loft parties.  

What can Sextape Fridays fans look forward to with Trustfund? What’s new and improved? What’s still there?
I think the musical variety and fun attitude that was at the centre of Sextape Fridays will carry over. The benefit of doing the night at Belmont is that we're working with a club that has amazing sound and top notch equipment plus a huge staff so we can do stuff on a much bigger scale. Other than that, there will be lots of familiar faces that made Sextape Fridays so successful. 

Any surprises (or surprise guests) in store?
We definitely have some big things coming up. Between some really great upcoming bookings and local collaborations (for example, we just started working with Finn cultured + cured) we're going to do some really interesting stuff both at Trustfund and outside of that with the 3D crew.


Trustfund (Facebook event)
Friday, February 11 at 10 p.m. 
Le Belmont | 4483, St-Laurent
$5 at the door