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Igloofest: No need for layers with a one-piece snowsuit

So how do you WIN this year’s Sleeman one-piece snowsuit contest at Igloofest?

You might start by scouring these top-pick thrift stores and hope to get your hands on a one-piece getup that’ll land you among 12 finalists each weekend! That means you'd get a shot at winning one of three prizes worth a total of $1650.


Value Village | 2033, boulevard Pie-IX, 4906, Jean-Talon and 7427, Boul Newman 
You guessed it. The go-to spot in Montreal for used clothing. This is the best place in the city for vintage deal-hunting and seeing as Halloween is long behind us (though maybe not long enough for some), there’s a good chance there’s some top-notch one-piece snowsuits hidden in the seemingly endless racks here.


Eva B | 2013, Saint-Laurent
Half the fun of this kitsch mecca lies in its seeming disarray: piles of clothes strewn about a split level café-thrift store-costume-shop-madhouse. And then there’s the ….uniquely charming décor that ranges from bras hanging from the ceiling, to the unmistakable (and year-round) fake blood-splattered windows. Maybe you’ll get lucky rummaging or, rather, wading, through the $1 pile on a stage like platform in the back room and find that neon headband that’ll keep your ears warm and put the finishing touches on that fab ‘80s Igloofest ensemble.


Salvation Army | 1620, Notre-Dame O., 5762, Sherbrooke O., 13781, Everett, etc.
With a huge selection and multiple locations, this just might be the place you’ll find that fluorescent snowsuit you just can’t help but picture your dad wearing for those two long (or too short?) decades they were all the rage. Enough off the beaten path that the selection may benefit from the widespread supply.


Cul-de-Sac | 3966, Saint-Laurent
Not a huge grab-bag style layout like those above, this hipster boutique might be a bit small to have many (or any) one-piece snowsuits, but they’ve certainly got a nice big bin full of outdoor rave-ready toques, some vintage sweaters and quirky accessories to trick out your one-piece. While you’re in the neighbourhood, check out the three equally eclectic yet well-tended thrift stores right next door, on the corner of Duluth.


Vintage clothes just a bit too scene for you?
Then a Winter Camo Ghillie Suit is just the thing you need to take the one-piece competition by storm. And you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your winter fortress until the night you bust onto the Igloofest scene like the abominable snowman, cause it’s available online right here. Or perhaps something more in the spirit of the Top Gun winter line is more your speed and you need a One Piece Ski Extreme Snow Suit.


All these vintage threads and Yetti camo gear and still nothing to strut your stuff in that's full body?
Don’t worry, because the one-piece contest isn’t your only chance to win big by wearing sweet digs at Igloofest. On Friday January 21st, NIGHTLIFE will be there for a Street Stylin’ contest.

Those who can come out of hibernation, dress up with style and heat things up in the cold will have their picture taken, get the chance to be featured in NIGHTLIFE's March issue and receive a $300 gift certificate to Industrie boutique!

When that ballin’ wardrobe lands you a spot on the NIGHTLIFE.ca website, just tell all your friends to log on and vote!