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Critiques CD: Pheek | Channeling (Cycles)

Montreal’s Pheek returns after a hiatus with a minimal techno journey spanning two albums. Chock full of intricate, propulsive rhythms, Pheek’s channels all stream towards the dancefloor eventually, building momentum as they unwind and furl back in upon themselves along the way. Subtle glitches nestle amidst unstable atmospheres, underpinned by rhythms that turn in upon themselves nervously before finding release. Pheek knows what he’s doing – his medium is the dancefloor and even when it’s only present in ghostly form it possesses Channeling. Pheek’s haunted tech-house, with its creaks and electric crackles, is full of domestic ghosts and dancing spirits. November 20th at Espace Réunion.