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Bonobo: Beat Monkeys

Black Sands, the fourth LP by Bonobo (a.k.a. Simon Green), is a sophisticated evolution from the artist’s previous albums on Ninja Tune. It’s hardly a departure for entirely new lands, but Green wanders over into territory that borders on Cinematic for a visit, bringing back contemporary, jazzy vocal tracks like “The Keeper” that bring to mind the ‘80s sweet smoothness of Soul II Soul and Sade.

Bonobo plays traditional instruments alongside the sampling, which is perhaps slightly more evident on Black Sands, but it’s not because he’s got something to prove (such as being a “real” musician). It’s in service of the songs he’s crafted. Triana, who has sung with Mr. Scruff and Flying Lotus as well, joins Green for two tracks on Black Sands and on tour.

An elegant, if funky, evening is promised - monkey suit is optional, monkey business is not.

November 6th | Le National
1220, Sainte-Catherine E.
with Andreya Triana and Thunderball