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Critiques CD: Jamie Lidell | Compass

It’s hard not to play spot-the-influence as you fall into Lidell’s smoov, funky lover’s groove. Jackson Five haunt “Enough’s Enough,” Stevie Wonder is all over the joint and Lionel Richie smoothes things over. Thankfully, Lidell is too inventive and subversive to get trapped in imitation à la Jamiroquai. “The Ring”’s elephant funk is red hot (and chili peppered) and “Waking” rocks out, proving that Lidell’s compass is always spinning in interestingly erratic directions (noisy rock ones this time). Lidell’s ingenuity and willingness to mess with conventions give his songs their excitement. Derivative? Hell yeah, but also inventive. September 13th at Cabaret Juste pour rire.