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Roger Sanchez: a sound architect at Terrasses Bonsecours

If for an artist a fan website is the epitome of popular success, for some it’s not enough and they need to have their own iPhone application boasting their name. After T-Pain, P. Diddy and Daft Punk, another club champion recently released one, Roger Sanchez. Roger who? You may ask, is a House Dj that will try to prove he’s more than a cellphone gizmo next May 23rd at the Terrasses Bonsecours.

Presented by Smirnoff, the Grammy award-winning producer will rock the decks with an eclectic mix of House and Tribal, eager to increase the corporal temperature of members of the audience. After ditching architecture studies for a full-time Dj gig, Sanchez has become a staple figure in the mainstream Dj scene becoming in 16 years a respected House music architect. The Montreal Old Port might not be Ibiza, but for one night, the Dj will try to make you believe you are there, providing new cuts from his forthcoming album and old crowd-pleasers.

Roger Sanchez

May 23rd 2010

Terrasses Bonsecours

364 de la commune