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Hearty Magazine: groove is in the hearty

Founder Hana May’s formula is simple: sidestep the scenesterism, derivative gossip and self-conscious blog irony. Instead, focus on innovative features about up-and-coming artists like graphic designer Benny Gold, musician Florence Welch and jewellery genius Bijules. As the New York mag with a finger firmly planted on the pulse of emerging everything blows out its first candle, we salute its remote team of fly lady reporters for their fashion, music and culture savvy.

Most memorable make-or-break moment at February's NY Fashion Week?
Russell Simmons totally checked me out. Make.

Ratio of stellar to shitty fashion blogs out there?
I don't want to be a hater but everyone and their aunt has a blog these days. Probably like 50:1.

Your bathroom reading material?
My BlackBerry.

Interview magazine wants to shoot a fashion pictorial starring YOU. What's the concept?
"Interview Intern Goes Rogue"

You're originally from Vancouver. Thoughts on Canada's 2010 Olympics clothing line?
It gets a gold medal.

The biggest difference between Montreal and New York?
No St. Laurent! Nothing beats partying on that street.

New York's indie culture and fashion scene. Cutthroat or collaborative?
Brooklyn easily collaborates. Manhattan hates on you, then collaborates.

I say Haus of Gaga, you say...
Haus of Good Marketing.

Cosmo, In Style, Marie Claire?

Alexander McQueen?

What would it take to become a hearty boy?
Respect women (and our fashion). Easy peasy!