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B'Ugo: Dancing on the ceiling

Ugo Nganga Gitau is best known to Montreal clubbers as B’Ugo. A long-lasting and reassuring figure in our club landscape, he has been working hard and playing even harder for years. You’ve heard him everywhere, from golden age Therapy parties to sleepless nights spent in underground lofts, enjoying the music. 

You've been in the game for a while. What has changed the most in the last 10 years?
A lot! Everyone used to do their thing in their own corner. “Scenes” didn’t mix so much. Now, with the internet, you have access to so much more knowledge. Another thing - the tools we use to DJ. Live remixing and customizing your sound are where it’s at right now. 

You are said to be able to play different styles for different nights. What ties it all together?

I play party music, plain and simple. I don’t intellectualize it – it either puts you in a party mood or it doesn’t. 

You used to always be featured among the Mirror's best dressed Montrealers. Is a DJ's style an important part of his branding?

Of course! Having a distinctive look sets the tone right away. To me, the craft of DJing is much more than just playing one track after another. Before I was a DJ, I was a club kid. I would take as much time preparing those outfits as I do now preparing the music. 

If you could change one thing in Montreal's club landscape, it would be...

I could do without some of the shady characters, but with time you get to spot them pretty quick and move on. 

Apr 21 | The Katalyst 5 Project: Souliloquies record launch (La Sala Rossa - 4848, St-Laurent)
Apr 23 | Freedom Fridays (Parking - 1296, Amherst)
Apr 25 | New World Order (Circus After Hours - 1439, St-André)
Apr 27 | Kalmunity Vibe Collective (Consulat - 1442, Bleury)